Laboratorymachines for the plastic and rubber-industry

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Dear visitor of this site,

You are interested  in the enterprise schwabenthan . Your interest makes us feel happy.

Perhaps it is not yet well-known that the enterprise schwabenthan does not exist any longer. Schwabenthan had to close gates in the year 1996 regrettably it is.

Thus an enterprise had to disappear from the market, which had success on an international market with its machines for more than a 100 years. We specified on the following some of the   machines offered that time ago.

This page is on one hand to remind the public on the time of  former schwabenthan and on the other hand we hereby would like to introduce our company to the you. We are busy in the same market with comparable machines. But in many aspects we developed higher technical level of the machines.

We regard ourselves as a follower company (not legally) of  formerly schwabenthan. Our aim is to hold good contact to former customers of schwabenthan and to serve those customers of schwabenthan which like to go ahead in the steps of  schwabenthan machines. Please, be so kind to  visit us on our website named:


You can also call  us or send us your fax to:



       030 331 90 72



0049 30 331 90 72



       030 331 90 72



0049 30 331 90 72


Laboratory table press of schwabenthan


Laboratory testing roll mill of schwabenthan


Laboratory press of schwabenthan


Laboratory extruder (single srew type) of schwabenthan